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Future Technologies that will Change the World

By Theresa Freeman

Technology has already made a significant impact on our lives, and it is hard to believe that we become accustomed to technology and it is quite impossible for us to live without it. The innovation we have today will undoubtedly be outdated, and better findings will come in the future.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The following are some of the future technologies that will change the world:

  • Space Drones.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • Electric transportation.
  • Universal language translators.

Space Drones:

One of the biggest thirsts for men is to explore the space. Many things have been discovered, and NASA is continually trying to explore other planets in the space by working on innovative projects which would help them explore many things. Since it is difficult to risk human life, NASA is working on developing robots which can fly to places the rovers cannot reach.

These space drones look like a quadcopter, but the challenge they have to face here is that the atmospheric pressure is not going to be the same as it is on earth. So scientists need to figure out a way to make the drone fly in space. Many types of research and ideas are put forth to tackle this challenge, and soon we will be having a space drone exploring the things we could not possibly reach.

Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Virtual Reality technology is slowly taking over the content media.  Oculus has already made a significant influence on social and content media. The visual technology is highly developed in today’s world, and videos are easily produced with no effort, and their demand keeps increasing for various purposes. As the demand increases, the users are going to want a better visual engagement in the future.

Electric transportation:

Transportation is something which has been developing since the cavemen invented the wheels to make travelling easier. Humanity has made so many developments after that, and currently, we are in a world where everything is digitalized. It is predicted that electric vehicles will replace traditional cars and the batteries in our cars will last longer. Electronic transportation is not only applicable to the vehicles that travel on land but also on air; the aeroplanes are soon to adopt this technology, and it will change the way we travel.

Universal language translators:

With travelling made so easy, people get the opportunity to go to places all over the world, and the only thing that causes a barrier is the language. Researchers are trying to develop an app or a device which would translate the conversations in real time. There are already many apps which could do this translation, but it is not highly developed. The world is moving to a place where two people will be able to communicate no matter what language they might speak.