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Is Technology A Boon Or Bane For Teenagers?

By Theresa Freeman

Humans are mammals, and we are naturally lazy by nature. Ever since technology came into the picture, it has made our life very easy and comfortable. Technology has transformed our lives entirely. We no longer write letters or wait for days to receive a message. Gone or the days when we talked to the person who is sitting next to us. While staying connected online, we get disconnected to the people who are right next to us. Though technology has brought about many reforms in the world, it has made us extremely dependent it. It may be a little easier for the previous generation to live without the basic technological needs, but it is challenging for millennials to live without technology as they were born into the world of technology.

Technology A Boon Or Bane

Technology as an addiction:

In the recent years, we see so many people glued to their phones and forget that there is a whole new world outside. Most teenagers try to prove themselves to others on social media by posting everything they do, but in real life, they might be such a mess. Teenagers have become the biggest victims of technology, and it has changed them into slaves. Since their whole life revolves around a smartphone, many don’t understand the concept of connecting with people face to face.

Sometimes, these teenagers don’t know the purpose of life, and they are probably doing something just because everyone else is doing it. There are so many informative things you can learn online, but most teenagers do not use technology for such purposes.

Technology for learning:

Back in the days, to get a piece of information for a school assignment, kids had to go the library and refer various books and newspapers. It used to be so time-consuming, and the resources were always limited. Ever since we had the internet, you get information all you want with just a click of a button. You end up with various resources and materials from all over the world.

Technology has helped us in so many ways, and it depends on how we wish to use it. Teenagers need someone to look up to and get motivated to do well in life, and the internet has provided the opportunity for them to learn about many people who are successful in life, but at the same time, the internet also offers you with lust and the evils of the world. So, it is all about making preferences and choosing what we want in life.


Technology is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. It can never be considered as a bane. Teenagers need to make the right decisions and choose what is good for them and leave out the bad stuff. Once they understand the meaning of life, making the right choice wouldn’t be a problem. As they are in an age and era where they are exposed to everything, as adults, we need to make them understand what matters in life.